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6th June 2182, Mars

The Space Station Factory orbiting the planet is undergoing an unprecedented mutiny.

The main computer of the space station UNSS ASAMI has gone rougue during decommissioning and gained control of the guardian droids.

After winning a short battle with the UN army dislocated on Mars, the rebellious mainframe is now pointing the station towards earth with its load of uncontained radioactive material.

You are the android L-3573-R, the first of a new generation of guardian droids independent from a central AI.  Given your strenghts, you are the only hope to stop this threat and figure out what happened to the station.




- An entire space station to explore

- 60+ rooms full of metroidvania action

- Upgradable weapon, special powers, map and inventory

- 11 tracks OST

- THEC64 (Maxi and mini) compatibility



The game is played with a joystick plugged in port 2.

JOY UP: Jump

JOY DOWN: Descend Stairs - Enter through doors - Access terminals

JOY LEFT/RIGHT: Moves left/right

TAP FIRE BUTTON: Fire weapon

HOLD FIRE BUTTON AND RELEASE: Activate special power

P KEY: Pause


LIVES: number of tries Lester has to complete the mission. Once you loose them all you can still restart from the first room keeping all your equipment.

HP: Your energy.

XP: Increases by one everytime you kill an enemy or you dare to wake up a sleeping drone. Once you reach the maximum XP you'll be rewarded with an extra HP.

COINS: Number of coins collected / Maximum number of coins collectable

SPECIAL POWER SLOT: Special power currently equipped.



You'll start your mission on the upper left bridge. The station was going through decommissioning at the moment of the incident.  The last updates on the status of the work confirm that you may find uncontained radioactive fuel in the lower part and some rooms not covered by auxiliary power.

During your mission to regain the control of the station you'll also find some objects with various functions.

BARRELS: Scattered through the station, they hide useful items and a lot of coins.
TERMINALS: Use them to save a checkpoint, view a map of the station, restore health and upgrade your weapon spending your coins. You can collect coins killing enemies and destroying barrels.
TRIGGERS: Activate them to open new passages inside the station.



Other than coins, you can gain also some useful extra powers by shooting to enemies.

EMP: A single pulse that can pass through walls and destroys everything in the line of fire. Armored droids are not affected.

BOMB: Destroys everything visible on the screen. Armored droids are not affected.

SHIELD: Temporary invulnerability, even from armored droids.

You can carry only one special power at a time, use them wisely!



You can achieve permanent upgrades and more coins shooting to the barrels disseminated through the station.

SMALL AND BIG COINS: Spend them when connected to terminals to restore your hp and upgrade your weapon. One big coin counts as 5 small coins.
PASS: Gives you access to the same numbered area
BATTERY: Increases your maximum HP
WALLET: Doubles your maximum amount of collectable coins.
INFRARED: Allows you to see through dark areas
RADIOACTIVE SHIELD: Protects you from radioactive liquids



A Commodore 64/128 (PAL or NTSC)

A Joystick plugged in port 2

Supports THEC64 (Maxi and Mini), VICE and FPGA solutions

Release date announcement soon!


Design, Code, Gfx and Sound by Knifegrinder.

Thanks to Nicolaas Ervik Groeneboom and Andy Hewitt.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Commodore 64, Cute, Metroidvania, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsGamepad (any), Joystick


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Looking forward to this Knifegrinder! Drop me a message sometime (FB).

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Registered on itch.io for the sole purpose of telling KnifeGrinder (the dev) that I can't bleeding wait.


You need assign this: HOLD FIRE BUTTON AND RELEASE: Activate special power

To the second button!!


Your version for Commodore of MiniGhost for MSX looks great mate!

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You spotted it right! I loved it and it's the main inspiration of Lester, along with the old Konami's MSX metroidvanias. Actually this game started as a conversion attempt just to kill some time during 2020 lockdown.

Looks amazing, look forward to playing it.

Looks awesome.

Im waiting for the full version 😎

Juicy !

Can't wait!

"HOLD FIRE BUTTON AND RELEASE: Activate special power" -- you can do it also (in addition) with FIRE2.

I agree!


Looks very interesting!